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Welcome to Nura Dev!

How great is your memory?

I'll make a goldfish proud - That is (unfortunately) my motto

If you don’t work on a particular technology for a while (like a few hours or days), do you forget everything related to it? Well I do, and in the process of figuring out a best way to recall the concepts / code / patterns I have created nura.dev.

At Nura, I’ll try to:

  • Explain concepts like I would do a 5 year old (ELI5) or to the current year Arun (too old, don’t ask)
  • Write down small code blocks that I can re-use in general
  • Add some blog posts of things I learn or experiment in general

I’ve done the hard part of creating this website! Now on to harder stuff - writing posts!

Psst[0]: If you are wondering what nura means, its just my first name in reverse!
Psst[1]: Did you know this website has a nice Search feature at the top right corner? Give it a whirl!
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